written by local SGI-UK Members.

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The following poem was written by Liz Moulson. Liz presented me with this poem in March 2009 for my birthday, I have treasured it since then and it is a great pleasure to share it with you now.
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The opening words ‘Your Gohonzon’ refer to a Buddhist scroll [a mandala] which each person receives on becoming a member of SGI. A brief explanation of the Gohonzon is given in the sidebar of this page.

Dialogue of the Heart
written by Liz Moulson


Your Gohonzon
Is the Buddha’s heart
And the true reality
Of the pulsating universe
And your own precious life.

Spread your wings
And fly into the heart of the Buddha
Telling him all
That is your own.

Merge with the sun’s
Eternal rays
Feel the warmth
And power
That rises from
This dialogue
With the Buddha.

So that when you
Turn around,
You are immersed
From head to toe,
From inside out
With infinite courage
Turning all you
See and feel
To gold.

Liz gave the following poem ‘Treasure Tree’ to a dear buddhist friend who is unwell, as encouragement. I have persuaded her to share it with us too. I am sure you will enjoy reading it.

Treasure Tree
by Liz Moulson


“the deeper the roots,
the more prolific the branches.
the further the source,
the longer the stream.”
Nichiren Daishonin

I dedicate my life
To the universal pulse,
And in doing so,
The roots of my being
Spread out and into
The sweet earth
of your heart,
Drawing on its
Hidden treasures
‘Till I am filled
With its vibrant energy,
Like a river of invisible light
Cascades and surges
Into every cell and vein
Until, tree like,
I extend my branches
Now burgeoned
With blossoms, leaves
Fruits and seeds
Endowed with three thousand
Shades and scents.

I sway in
The cosmic breeze
With stars in my hair

And outstretched fingers.

No earthly wind
Can topple me.
I stand tall
And undaunted
With my great harvest
Freely falling
Onto the worlds below.

And all our sorrows,
All our cruelties,
All delusions,
Like shrivelled leaves
Drift slowly down
Towards the earth,
To create an even
Richer loam,
For me to dig
My roots still
Further into,
And so complete
This never ending